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Poland is a magnificent European country offering visitors many castles, palaces, churches and other places of interest that affect the visitor eyes. Only in the Polish capital Warsaw you can visit more than 50 museums, 50 art galleries, 30 theaters and in addition, there are fabulous restaurants, pubs and clubs where you can relax in the evening.

Of course, for more effective implementation of all planned and for easy travel around the country a better method of moving is the car rent and additional services in Poland by the company Naniko, which is a specialist of online rental service for many years and provides the most competitive rates and a range of high-quality services . Therefore, getting a car you are much more easily able to explore the country at your own pace on your own terms, without depending on any restrictions of public transport.

Do not delay, fill in the application form and get the best car rental and additional services in Poland from Naniko!

The cost of services initially include car insurance, all local taxes, provided ьшддфпу without restrictions, that will allow you to drive any distance, however as far as lay your way toy will do it without any additional surcharges for the passed kilometers, and in case of any unforeseen breakdown you will get prompt technical assistance free of charge from our rapid response team. Also provided car replacement option to the appropriate model in the event of a malfunction of rented car.

For maximum safety and reliability of your way, we offer your choice a wide variety of accessories, also as additional services that you can choose when booking, or directly in our office when you make a lease contract. Any assistive devices or extra services you can choose and pay for on-site receiving the car at our offices.

Here are additional equipments, which are available at your request are:

The greatest attention should be paid when traveling on the fact if you are traveling with children, so that they are placed in the vehicle with the maximum comfort and safety. Child seats provided by us, differentiated by weight and size of the child, it is easy to install and easy to carry. In most countries car child seats are required by law.

The satellite navigation system can provide an invaluable service to the unknown or unfamiliar terrain, with which you can avoid wasting time for searching the right way and always arrive on time at desired destination.

For winter travel given at your disposition devices such as chains, increasing safety when icy or snowy roads. In some places they are also required by law. Meanwhile, the presence of ski racks for mountain trips easier for you for the issue the equipment carriage. Racks are very convenient and easy to install on the vehicle.
In the number of additional services include delivery of the car after working hours in any direction you want or to a place outside the city, transfers to any destination, the services of professional drivers, the second driver, with which you will share the experience of driving.

Provide yourself the comfort and safety by vehicle rental and additional services in Poland by Naniko!

Question of fuel policy can also be adjusted accordingly initially by proposed additional options. Thus, initially selecting a suitable option you want, you can avoid the costs are not budgeted. For example, getting a car with a full fuel tank, you should return it with the same amount of fuel.

Many companies and rental agencies have a fee for young driver. We have no such surcharges for young driver, only age for rental is limited to 21 years, with the practice of driving at least one year.