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Long Term car rental in Poland with the best offers from Naniko

Poland is a country of great interest where you can find many reasons to visit it, ranging from history and art, including its beautiful nature and landscapes. Many people come here for a longer time on business issues. The country has a special charm, which despite the modern development and new trends has a great attention and respect for the cultural traditions of its past.

Visiting this beautiful land for any reason, particularly if you plan to stay here indefinitely, advantageous means of movement within the country wiould be to rent a car in the long term in Poland, which will give an ideal chance to travel freely, enjoy a variety of attractions and implement all our plans.

Learn more why is reasonable to choose a long-term auto rental in Poland provided by Naniko!

The world around is changing so quickly that we often do not have time to keep track of many innovations. For example, for a more efficient management of our finances and expenditures, in particular in respect of the private means of travel, we just need to change the way of thinking, because today is no longer necessary to invest in the acquisition of the machine. To do this provided an ideal opportunity by Naniko for car rent in the long term in Poland and in all its cities, such as Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Lublin and others. This is an excellent solution for the issue of mobility for a fixed fee based on flexible services and complete transparency, which will allow you to plan your expenses, connected with the maintenance of the vehicle.

Using this package, you will avoid many of the additional cost of the machine contents, administrative matters related to the possession of the vehicle. We provide insurance services included in the package, claims management, ordinary and unscheduled maintenance, if necessary, replacement of the vehicle, tires, and included the different car taxes.

Car rental in the long term is an innovative mobility solution, capable of responding to all mobility needs of professionals of small and medium-sized enterprises. Only in interchange for a fixed fee every month, you get the car for a specified period of time, suitable for your actual needs.

All the facilities that you need from initially are only included in one monthly fee:
You have the freedom to select your desired vehicle.
You always have the new cars.
Devote more time to your line of business.

Among the significant privileges of this package is that you do not have to concern about the resale of the used car at the end of the lease term. On this issue will care our company. Meanwhile, you can once again have a new car of your choice, according to your preferences of mark and model.

Also, you do not incur losses when selling the used vehicle, the market value of which is much lower than from the beginning.

So you always have a new car, eliminated all the problems on the car’s handling in the ownership, without sacrificing the unique advantage of having a car is always in perfect condition.

Select the best conditions for your mobility by Naniko using the vehicle rental in long term in Poland!

The duration of such lease type can be from 12 to 60 months and for the chosen period you provided with all possible measures to ensure your mobility, namely the following services:

Care and maintenance are available throughout the term of the agreement through a network of authorized service centers and workshops throughout the country, linked with Naniko.

If in the occasion of an unforeseen breakdown car does not work more than 24 hours, Naniko provides a replacement of the vehicle.