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Great deals on cheap car rental in Poznan with Naniko

Among the major cities in Poland should be noted Poznan that in fact was the first capital of the country. Consequently, later it was replaced, but in spite of it still ranked among the major administrative centers and because of its interesting and rich heritage in high demand for tourists. The town does have its own unique charm and arriving here, most are willing to fully experience this charm, using a convenient service of car rent in Poznan. Get reserved through the site vehicle can be immediately as you arrive on this place. Our company offers to guests the cheapest rates and a wide spectrum of vehicles, on which in line with your schedule you will visit the city and move around any place at their own pace.

Get an ideal opportunity to save more by opportunities for rent a car in Poznan from Naniko!

An international provider Naniko was founded years ago, by people driven by passion for technology and innovation, which have set the goal with the assistance of modern services provide consumers worldwide with the convenience of vehicle rental for tourism and business purposes.

Today it is a developed system with an extensive network of offices in the Polish cities and around the world.

The goal of our project is to provide consumers with the best packages of services and ensuring transparency and flexibility of lease terms.

Booking your car through, in addition to substantial savings, you are also provided with additional benefits:

For each client we have a personalized approach and treated as a member of our extensive family, rather than as a sequence number of the next client.

In our face you get a secure partner, through which you can solve all the issues related to your need in a vehicle and all related details.

On you can immediately get a calculation of the total cost of the services according to the criteria you selected, desired place and lease period. The price offered by us initially includes taxes and insurance.

It’s easy to make a booking directly online through our website or by phone. At the end of the reservation period, you will certainly get an email confirmation of the order by the voucher.

The fleet of the company gives at your choice the different types of vehicles, ranging from a group of economical and compact cars and up to luxury models.

Duration of the lease stated in the rental agreement and is subject to strict adherence. But at any time during the service, if your plans change, you can extend the rental period, informing us of your intention for a couple of days in advance.

Do not miss the chance to get the most economical fares from Naniko for auto rent in Poznan!

The lease contract is an important document which is issued on-site of car receiving and indicating all the details and arrangements. It must be noted that the reservation voucher is not a document replacing the contract.

From our part, we always try to advance our clients about the specific obligations for the successful implementation of reservation, for example, the availability and accuracy of the e-mail address through which can be linked with the client if necessary.

An important warning is also is that if you desire to amend the order or annul it, you can do it for free, but not later than 48 hours before receiving the car.

For more satisfaction of our customers, we offer a range of packages from a one-day rental, special offers for the weekend, one way rental, long-term leasing and more.

Whatever your intentions or purpose of the trip, with the help of assistive devices such as navigators, car seats for children, winter accessories and other any way for you will be safe and comfortable.

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