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Car rental in Poznan Airport. Compare the best prices for rent a car with Naniko

Poznan is disposed on the River Warta, in a flat area, which is characterized by an abundance of lakes and wooded areas that make this place attractive in all seasons. Picking up an auto rented at the airport in Poznan, you quite simply will reach the city center, which is distant from the airport just a few kilometers. With the help of simple and clear for users system on you can without hassle book a car and with facilities visit this old city and its surrounding areas and will also get access to many interesting places of this magnificent country.

Our company is present in all major Polish cities and arriving at Poznan airport and getting your car, you can head on any path and return the car at the end point of your trip in one of our offices.

Comparing the many offers and prices in the Internet space of this service, you can easily make the conclusion that the most beneficial is to collaborate with Naniko, since this independent supplier of car rent at Poznan airport offers the most favorable option and low tariffs for services.

Explore Poland with comfort thanks to auto rental at Poznan Airport with low prices from Naniko!

Consistently performing only a few steps of reservations, you get your desired car with the appropriate package of services, while saving a significant percentage in comparison with offers from other vendors.

Price provided to you via our web-site or directly communicating with our representative, is always unchanged for you and from the outset comprises the cost of car insurance and all taxes.

In addition to the payment of the principal amount, calculated from the chosen services, location and duration of the lease, you will also have to pay the deposit, which remains in the company during the rental period and fully refundable at the end, subject to full compliance with the terms of the contract.

When you need to make any modification in order or completely remove it, be aware that the procedure is completely free of charge, if you carry it out no later than 2 days before receiving the car.

It is essential to specify the exact data of your flight If you ordered the delivery of the car at the airport, in order that the representative Naniko will obtain accurate information about flight arrival or its delay.

You do not have to worry about cars reception during non-working hours. We will be happy to organize the delivery of your vehicle anywhere with the prior availability of accurate information about your arrival.

The best offers and huge discounts on auto rent from Poznan airport are provided via!

Rental period is calculated from the daily rate and for one day is considered the 24 hours. The exact date of receipt and return of cars specified in the Act of Acceptance and shall be subject to strict compliance. But if necessary, you have the option to extend the rental days, telling us about your intention a few days before the end of the rental.

Our frequent users will receive the benefits provided to regular customers and any user of our services at certain times have access to special offers, discounts or bonus programs. Often, in the framework of special deals offered complimentary extras for free.

Careful attention should be paid to compliance of your driver’s license with the standards required in the country. Firstly, the document expiration date must be at least a year, and secondly, if your license is issued on non-readable language in the country, it is necessary to have available also one of international standard.

Option of additional driver is an supplementary service and is very beneficial for those who traveling in the company of fellow travelers. Select the service is possible when booking, or at our office and the second driver must submit his documents and data will also be included in the lease agreement.

The range of assistive devices, including navigators, children’s car seats, winter accessories, and more, you can select and pay on the spot.

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