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Find the offers of Car rental at Balice airport of Krakow with Naniko

If your way lies in the wonderful Polish city of Krakow for whatever purposes, you will surely want to visit the attractions or take a dip in the delights of the local lifestyle. In order not to limit yourself in the movements and not be bound by the schedule of public transport, it is always preferable to have your own car rent from the Krakow airport, and the most economical deals you’ll find by the company Naniko. To carry out a reservation itself is possible, literally, in a matter of seconds, just by filling in the request form via our website. Further, following the next steps, you will have access to details about all the practical benefits offered for rent a car in Krakow Airport.

As is known, Krakow airport is also named in honor of John Paul II and is disposed close to Krakow in Balice. It’s convenient location will allow you to forthwith get your car, start exploring the places of your interest, and just in 25 minutes of drive you will attain the city.

For each visitor Krakow offers something entertaining. You can enjoy the cultural program in Krakow and easily visit by car various museums, parks and art galleries, designer shops and cinemas.

Your successful journey originates here with the package of auto rental in Krakow airport with Naniko!

Our service system is formed with maximum attention for the needs of our clients and ensures the best opportunity to enjoy the ride, feel the full sense of freedom. Wherever follow your way and no matter how long your journey is, you have no worries about the additional costs for kilometers, thanks to the provided millage without any restrictions.

You can pre-order the delivery of the car to the airport and from the moment of arrival to be provided with the convenience of private vehicle.

Throughout the period of hire, you can always stay in touch with our experts, who will provide you with the right lighting emerging issues and in unforeseen traffic problems you can get free technical assistance.

If you need flexibility for maneuvering in urban environments, we offer you a cost-effective mini; traveling for business or special occasions there are elegant sedans or luxury cars and you will be able to choose a convenient and roomy minivans or minibus for group or family trips.

For frequent travelers have the opportunity to become regular customers and due to this to receive special offers based on the frequency of your needs in a vehicle. All our clients can receive updates about the bonus programs or seasonal discounts.

Naniko offers various packages ranging from one-day lease, one-way rental or a long-term lease, for each case there are suitable offers, promoting the most profitable and comprehensively carry out of your plans.

Various options and additional services also help you to travel in maximum comfort. Thus, additional driver option can be chosen when booking, and at registration of the lease contract in our offices. At the same time the second driver must be present in person.

Supplementary devices such as navigators, seats for children, luggage basket, winter accessories and other increase the degree of your security and convenience.

All roads are open to you in the presence of the best services for rent a car in Krakow Airport from Naniko!

With the auto rented you will easily move from one place to another. For example, if you are passionate about sports and visiting in Krakow different sport sites, with the help of special devices, you can easily transport sports equipment, conveniently fixing them on the holders. In Krakow is an oceanic climate and temperature varies in different ranges. However, you will not have any reason to worry about the cold, because the cars for rent in Krakow airport are always provided by Naniko with the most modern facilities and protection systems.

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